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CaRLA depends on your charitable contributions to continue our work and we need it now! Donate to the Housing Defense Fund so cities like Huntington Beach and San Mateo can’t continue ignore the law, and so we can make sure these illegal disapprovals aren’t wrongly are upheld in trial courts.

San Mateo (update coming soon. preview: it’s good!)

When a trial court judge upheld San Mateo’s illegal disapproval of 10 units, he ruled that the Housing Accountability act was unenforceable, and thereby unconstitutional. We disagree and so does the Attorney General, who has intervened on our behalf.

This case is now about the legitimacy of state legislative power over cities in addressing statewide concerns. If the legislature has no such power, none of the laws being passed will amount to anything and it would be next-to-impossible to make progress against scofflaw cities.

Huntington Beach

A trail judge completely misinterpreted and misapplied the Housing Accountability Act, a statute intended as much as possible to facilitate the approval of housing developments. This ruling that upholds the denial of 48 unites of mixed-income housing on the grounds that it doesn’t qualify for the HAA flies in the face of court precedent elsewhere in the state and is a blow to housing, potential tenants, and the Housing Accountability Act that was created specifically to prevent spurious disapprovals of housing such as this. 

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