448 Sausalito Blvd, Sausalito, CA



Status: Settled out of court

Rather than fight an unwinnable lawsuit, the City of Sausalito agreed to return our attorneys fees and grant David his project.

Filings and Letters

April 20, 2018PetitionCaRLARequest for Dismissal

After a settlement agreement has been reached, the lawsuit is dismissed.

November 2, 2017PetitionCaRLAPetition for Writ of Administrative Mandate

This petition is where the lawsuit really starts. It outlines what happened, who got (legally) harmed, and what relief is due.

November 2, 2017Cover SheetCaRLACivil Case Cover Sheet

When filing a civil lawsuit, such as in enforcement of the Housing Accountability Act, this form is one of the first steps. It tells the court what kind of lawsuit you’re filing.

November 2, 2017SummonsMarin County Superior CourtSummons for The City of Sausalito

Even cities need served are entitled to due process with a legal notice they are being sued.

October 13, 2017LetterCaRLAOur lawyer’s letter to Sausalito

We submitted a lawyer to Sausalito outlining just how likely we are to win if we go to court. This gives them an opportunity to rescind the denial and make amends before the gloves come off.

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