In the course of our work enforcing state housing law, we discover loopholes in existing laws and identify necessary new policies. We write support letters for legislation we think will promote housing production & reduce displacement.

2018 CA State Legislation letters of support.

2019 CA State Legislation letters of support.

SB 592

This session, we are thrilled to support our second HAA amendments bill. Read the fact sheet here.

The Housing Accountability Act, originally passed in 1982, is the primary tool that the state, and housing non-profits like us, use to compel jurisdictions to follow their own rules. The law prohibits local governments from denying housing projects that are consistent with their zoning and general plan. CaRLA has been able to utilize the HAA to protect housing projects all over California. Unfortunately, the HAA, like many laws, is not ironclad and so SB 592 aims to strengthen and expand it.

SB 592 strengthens existing provisions of the HAA by defining standards within the law that had previously been vague. Localities’ ability to illegally reduce density is curbed, as is their ability to impose costly conditions that render projects infeasible. SB 592, like the Housing Accountability Act, does not change or affect local rules, such as zoning. Rather, the Bill ensures that when a housing project complies with local rules, it cannot be unfairly denied.

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